Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng (29 January 1953 – 8 May 1995) was a legendary Taiwanese singer, a cultural icon, and also referred as “Asia’s eternal queen of pop” in East and Southeast Asia. Teresa Teng was a daughter of a military family in Taiwan with four brothers. She showed her singing talent when she was a little girl. With her father’s approval, she quit school to pursue … Continue reading Teresa Teng

Tokyo Olympics 2021?

In October 2019, we visited Japan. Japan is a country combined with the modern and traditional. In the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we saw the signs for Olympic 2020. The date was counted how closed to the Olympic Games everyday. People were excited and eagerly awaiting the wonderful event called the Olympic Games. Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of my favorite places we visited. … Continue reading Tokyo Olympics 2021?

Gulangyu (Kulangsu) – Island of Piano

(Kulangsu) is a district of Xiamen, between southeast coast of China and strait of Taiwan.  The island is an UNESCO world Culture Heritage Site with about 2 km square in size and 20,000 residents.  Gulangyu is one of the popular tourist destinations in China.  Visitors can reach it by a few minutes by ferry from Xiamen.  The island of Gulangyu is pedestrians-only island, no cars … Continue reading Gulangyu (Kulangsu) – Island of Piano

Kyoto Travel

The beautiful ancient city Kyoto, former imperial capital of Japan founded in 794, has over 1600 temples, more than 400 shrines, and 17 UNESCO world heritage sites.  During our short visit, we only can visit several places, and cannot wait to go to another visit. Nijo-jo Castle Nijo-jo castle is one of my favorite places in Kyoto.  Unlike other overcrowded historical site, it is a large … Continue reading Kyoto Travel

Public Transportation in Japan

Although Japan has efficient public transportation system, foreign travelers still can be confused when facing a new system.   JR (The Japan Rail Pass) Pass The JR tickets are only eligible to foreign travelers.  The JR pass gives you unlimited access to all JR national trains and local JR bus services. The JR pass is valid for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days.  Is it … Continue reading Public Transportation in Japan