ChatGPT: How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Our Lives?

ChatGPT is a popular chatbot developed by OpenAI launched in November 2022. It is the fastest-growing consumer application in history by reaching 100 million monthly active users only two months after launch. By chat conversation, ChatGPT answer prompts, write articles, and even craft poems.

Although, I am not a high tech person, I have joined the crowds. Created a free account at, I began to ask AI (Artificial Intelligence) questions. AI answered me extremely fast responding within a minute.

When comparing ChatGPT to Google search functions, I would say right now ChatGPT is far behind Google search. First, Google search provides multiple resources of information, while ChatGPT only give you what it thinks (suggestion). From Google, we know the resources of the information, but not from ChatGPT. Secondly, for ChatGPT, we have to login the account to ask questions, which is not convenient at all. Thirdly, Chat GPT made mistakes. When I asked the details of Super Bowl on Feb 12, 2023, ChatGPT said, “The exact date and location of Super Bowl 2023 have not been officially announced”. That was wrong. The game has being played on Glendale, Arizona when I asking the question. Other users have found out AI’s mistakes too.

However, never underestimate the future power of AI only because it makes mistakes and not good enough at current stage. ChatGPT is still in its infancy. Look at how fast tech is moving. There are pros & cons about Artificial Intelligence. It is on the table how government should propose measures to protect citizens from harmful AI.

I asked ChatGPT to write a short poem for my cats. AI did it just in a minute. Although, I don’t write poem myself, I can tell AI is the standard writing without personal character. Many bloggers can write better than it. But still, only time can tell the potential of ChatGPT.

I read AI’s poem to my cats.  Calie and Oero seemed ok with the poem, although they obviously love food more.

“Oreo and Calie, sleek and sly,

Prowling through the house with a watchful eye,

Soft paws tapping on the ground,

As they explore all they’ve found.

Oreo’s coat is white as snow,

Black ears and fur give her a striking glow,

Calie’s a mix of colors, quite a sight,

Both so playful, full of grace, and delight.

They curl up close when the day is done,

Purring contentedly in the setting sun,

So sweet and loving, it’s clear to see,

Oreo and Calie, you’re family.”

9 thoughts on “ChatGPT: How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Our Lives?

    1. I totally agree with you!! We praise the intelligence of technology and also sound alarm on AI and ChatGPT. Regulation is important when the AI era is about to begin. Calie recently has been very adorable, maybe she understood the poem😻

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