Eze, France

Between the two popular places in French Riviera – Nice and Monaco, Eze is a charming medieval village on the hilltop that overlooks Mediterranean Sea.

During the winter of 2021, we didn’t go to Monaco because of the surge of Covid omicron. Instead, I took a half hour of bus from Nice to go to this remarkable village of Eze.

Eze was built over 400 m above sea level. Once was there, I enjoyed a fairytale view of the French Riviera. A walk through the narrow beautiful cobblestone streets with few souvenir and painting shops in traditional stone houses, followed by restaurants and a beautiful church, and at last came the garden entrance on the top hill.

The botanical garden-Jardin botanique d’Èze, hosts exotic cactus and succulents at 429 meters above Mediterranean coastline. The garden path was spiral. At each level the view of the village, church, mountain and blue sea were the most spectacular!

14 thoughts on “Eze, France

  1. Great photos. They help bring back memories of a business trip that took me near Eze Village (Monaco and Nice) in the late 1990’s . Very glad to see not much has changed since then.

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