Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang is a Taiwanese singer and actress. As one of the top female popstars in Asia, regularly selling over a million copies of her albums across the continent, she is widely known as the Taiwanese Sweetheart.

In the May 20, 2022, Cyndi has made waves online with a rendition of her song Cyndi Loves You (2004), on featuring 30 female celebrities over the age of 30, Sisters Who Make Waves on the Chinese streaming platform Mango TV. She performed the song in a school uniform with her iconic dance, similar to the one she wore in her original music video in 2004.

The performance blew up immediately, with a accumulating more than 430 million views online just in 4 days. Fans who had grown up listening to Wang’s music with overwhelmingly positive response. “This performance is such a throwback for everyone. A lot of memories are flooding back”, her fans commented.

Pictures from internet.

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