Happy New Year of Tiger

These are my favorite Chinese New Year pictures. Look like this tiger has better dumpling making skills than me.

Another picture is my daughter as a tiger when she was 10 years old.

Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year of Tiger 🐯💐

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year of Tiger

      1. It is not easy to make dumplings. In China, normally northern people are good at dumpling making, while southern people are not that good. My dumpling making skill has quite space for improvement. I have to use bread machine to make dough😄

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      2. I don’t have the patience or the manual dexterity to make good dumplings, but I do like a bread machine for making dough. In a couple of hours I’m going use it to mix dough for Indian naan bread, which is much simpler than dumplings!

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