Saint Paul de Vence

Saint Paul de Vence is a fairytale village perched high on a hilltop in the French Riviera.   It is a little over an hour away from Nice by bus 400. 

In 1920’s, a group of impressionist painters rediscovered St Paul and it developed into a magnet for artists and art lovers. Among others, Matisse, Chagall, Picasso and Dufy have stayed here and left many artworks. Marc Chagall lived in St Paul for 19 years and is buried in the local cemetery.  If you love arts, then this is a must visit place when you are in the France Riviera.

It is delightful to wander the narrow streets by the medieval walls in this art village. St Paul has typical features such as the narrow cobbled-alleys, small squares, arched passageways and et al.

The Place de la Grande Fontaine used to host the food market. It is one of the painters’ favorite subject, the central fountain with its public washing place was also served as either for washing clothes or as a drinking fountain for the animals.

The Place de la Grande Fontaine

I thoroughly enjoyed the art galleries between the narrow alleys. The art studios just like beautiful pictures themselves. I had opportunity to briefly talk to the artists and watch their working, which is something special more than the art museum. Here you see the live “art museum”.

Lucky, a horse, by Remi Pesce (1993), is made from 3,000 horseshoes to match the number of villagers in Saint Paul de Vence.

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