The Adventures of Calie and Oreo

Today is “International Cat Day”. I feel that I have responsibilities to tell the adventures storys of Calie and Oreo. Although, they are large female cats, they are easily scared due to lack the experience with other animals. Calie and Oreo were rescued into my in-law’s basement after they were just born. As indoor cats, they had easy and relaxing lives until one day “Kitty” came.

Kitty was a female cat too, whose weight was about only half of Calie. She had been living with a big male cat, and she knew how to adjust to the environment. The moment they met, all of the three cats were nervous. They were watching each other. Calie and Oreo begin hissing. Somehow, Kitty found their weakness and started the attack. Calie tried to stand her ground for a minute, then started to ran. The game was settled. That’s tell us, besides strength, how to present yourself is truly important!

Oreo does not want to fight with anyone. She ran and jumped onto the kitchen table, then jumped on the top of refrigerator. On the top of refrigerators as her castle, she watched the movements of her enemy.

Calie tried to fight, but was too scared. She stayed in the corner of the table, and Kitty was attacking. My husband told me not to physically involve in the cat fighting, because they may hurt me. To help Calie, I tossed a couch pillow between them. Kitty was shocked and stopped attacking. She didn’t expect Calie had a powerful allie pillow.

We had to separate them into different rooms. My daughter took care of Kitty during night time. One night, I heard so loud cry. I rushed out from bedroom. Kitty was attacking Calie again, and Oreo was watching their fight. I calmed down Kitty and brought her back to her room.

when there was a door between them and I was around, Calie was very brave. She hissed Kitty. Kitty was staring at her, and wished the door was open.

In a short time after this, we found Kitty couldn’t eat. The vet told us she had cancer throught her body. Sadly, she was put to sleep. Kitty was such sweat cat and we missed her. Of course, Calie and Oreo won’t agree about this.

After Kitty died, Calie and Oreo resumed their routine eating, sleeping and fun-playing lives again. Calie has been the house leader again and no one challenges her authority!

4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Calie and Oreo

  1. Lovely cats, all of them. It’s sad what happened to Kitty, but you gave her a good life while she was with you. I like the photo of Oreo watching from the top of the refrigerator…a very wise cat! Belated International Cat Day greetings to her and Calie.

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    1. Thank you😊 I did not know Aug 8 is international cat day until you mentioned it in your blog. Calie and Oreo had special delicious food for their holiday and they said thanks too. Yes, Oreo is very smart. She also has many tricks when relating to food.

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