Tokyo Olympics 2021?

In October 2019, we visited Japan. Japan is a country combined with the modern and traditional. In the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we saw the signs for Olympic 2020. The date was counted how closed to the Olympic Games everyday. People were excited and eagerly awaiting the wonderful event called the Olympic Games.

Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of my favorite places we visited. Standing in awe of the peaceful and beautiful surroundings, I felt as if it was another world. Bamboo has long been a inspiration symbol of strength and flexibility. American martial artist Bruce Lee once said, “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

We had many wonderful moments in Japan. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the travelers were smiling. At that time, no one had known just a month later, an epic disaster recorded in human history would come, and the whole world was turned upside down on a filler coaster.

Japan postponed 2020 Olympic to 2021, but just two months away from the games, according to New York Times, in a survey released last week reported in Japan, 83 percent of Japanese public said they did not want Tokyo to hold the Olympics and Paralympics. A top medical group, the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association, also wants the games canceled. The data showed only 3.8 percent of the Japan population had received at least one shot of a vaccine, while 1.6 percent have received two last Monday.

After CDC issued interim public recommendations for fully vaccinated people, yesterday, I went to my Zumba dance class for the first time in one year, due to avoiding the gym activities. The heart beating Latin music has brought fun, inspiration and smiling again, to me and my classmates! We still have a long way to go. Some medical experts think we’re going to have a very quiet summer with respect to coronavirus spread and then may have it again as we heading into the winter. Human beings have survived from many viruses in history, and we shall conquer this one no matter what path we have to go through!

11 thoughts on “Tokyo Olympics 2021?

    1. Thank you 😊 I wish we can visit Japan more as you do. Yes, lovely country and nice people! I learned Japanese for a couple of months many years ago, but now I only can speak a few words. The best I can speak is おはようございます (good morning)😉


      1. My Japanese is also very limited, and I can’t manage hiragana, let alone kanji – way, way too difficult. But, rendered in the Roman script, I would say ‘ohayo gozaimasu, June-san. O genki desu ka?’ 🙂

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      2. Watashi wa genkidesu, Arigatōgozaimashita 😊 Your Japanese is surely better than mine. I don’t know any hiragana either, I copied 😆 But since I can read Chinese (kanji), that helped me a lot in Japan.

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      3. I remain in awe of the effort required to become proficient in Chinese characters / kanji. I guess in Japan you were able to deduce meaning from the kanji without necessarily being able to work out how to pronounce anything?

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      4. Kon’nichiwa, sā😊 Chinese characters is one of most difficult languages and many second-generation of Chinese immigrants have given up learning Chinese reading and writing, sadly. Yes, you are right. When I read kanji in text in Japan, I have no clue how to pronounce in Japanese. When I talked to Japanese, I spoke English😉 Although kanji uses traditional Chinese words, Japanese writing is mixed with hiragana and kanji, and I often have to guess😉

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