Budweiser Brewery & Clydesdale Experience

We went to St Louis Budweiser Brewery tour after Christmas holiday in 2019. It was a fun and fascinating tour. Besides the Budweiser brewery, we saw the famous Clydesdale horses and also tasted the fresh Bud light! Right now the tour has been stopped due to the COVID-19, sadly.

In 1852, the St Louis Brewery (Anheuser-Busch) was founded. The St Louis site has been the oldest and largest site due to the accessibility to the Mississippi River and large presence of Germany immigrants in the Midwest.

My most exciting moment in the tour was the Clydesdales, which has been long term symbol for Budweiser. The large, strong and beautiful horses pulled a beer wagon in St Louis, in celebration of the repeal of prohibition in 1933. In 1986, they began a tradition of the Clydesdales advertisements at the Super Bowl.

The tourists were excited to take pictures with the Clydesdale. There was also people groomed the horse. The beautiful big horse was surely a star horse!

We went on a tour of whole manufacture processing of beer brewery. This was very informative and educational. At the end, we had the free and fresh Bud Light sample. I was not a beer drinker at all, but the Bud Light flash sample tasted so good!!!

The tour was only cost $10 for an adult. We had multiple samples on the tour and took home four bottles of day-fresh beer. This experience lasts approximately 75 minutes. In the tour, we also met people from Europe. It was a fun tour!

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