Adventure in Wyoming

My first time for riding and driving an ATV was on the mountains of Wyoming. It was exciting adventure.

We rented a 2-person ATV at the “Adventure Rental” in Jackson Hole. The rental store has different kinds of ATV and motorcycles for renting. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. Because the ATV’s were all open vehicles, they provide helmets and goggles for safety reasons.

We drove the ATV to the mountains of Bridger of Teton national forest. When coming to the narrow ragged mountain roads, the ATV shows its great advantage. We saw a truck broken down on the mountain road. Cars and even trucks are not made for some mountain trailers that we climbed on.

We had scary moments on the mountain. When we encountered another car on the narrow road, one of us had to back driving. Mr. T began to back our ATV. Since the road is so narrow, we kept backing. When I looked at my right side, it was almost a valley. I was scared and panic, but Mr. T insisted he is an excellent driver, and I don’t need to worry. Luckily, the driver of other car saw our difficulty and turned into a side, which left a space for us to pass.

I enjoyed driving ATV too, but I am not that adventurous of a person and could not drive really that fast. Overall, it was exciting experience and I would like to rent ATV later on.

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