Wolf Story: Kootenai

I saw Kootenai at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center outside the west gate of the Yellowstone National Park at the end of September. He is a handsome grey wolf (I feel actually he looks like a white wolf). He stayed alone, because he had recently lost his long-time pack mate and sibling. The center allowed him to adjust and reach his own understanding of that loss.

Kootenai kept running in circles in his yard. That showed he was very struggling. Wolves are packing animals. The loss was very difficult for Kootenai.

Today I heard from @grizzlywolfctrfanpage in the Instagram that the center announced Kootenai has retired to an off exhibit wolf enclosure and now neighbors with 11 year old female Adara who’s been off exhibit over a year now.

I am very glad for the center’s decision and truly hope that Kootenai and Adara can get alone and make friend!

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