Traveling during Pandemic Time – Lodging and Food

Traveling from Midwest to the western state of South Dakota and Wyoming in the late of September of 2020, we stayed at 8 hotels in 15 days during our trip. The pandemic is serious. However, we need to get out of house to enjoy the nature and relax. I feel that if we are cautious and pay attention to the prevention of COVID, we can have a safe trip.

Wearing masks as always and bringing the hand sanitizer in the trip. Since COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, wearing quality face masks is the key factor to prevent the infection. Personally, I like the surgery mask the best. The clothing masks work if there are three layers.

During our 15-day vacation, we ordered food to go from the restaurants all the time, except two times eating inside the restaurants. It is always a big COVID risk when people are eating with crowds inside the restaurants.

We were driving our vehicle instead of taking airplane. It doesn’t mean that people will become sick after taking airplane. Actually, we enjoyed the scenery passing by as we were driving on our truck.

When we arrived at the hotels, we wiped the handles and other surfaces by alcohol wipe too. It may not be absolutely necessary. But there is nothing wrong for additional alcohol wipe during the pandemic time.

Overall, the pandemic can damage our society in many ways. Mental health is another big concern during the COVID time. I felt much more relax and energetic after exploring to the beautiful nature. As Hans Christian Andersen said, “To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.”

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