Paris -Eight Days -1

Paris attracts millions of tourists for its history, culture, arts, architectures and foods. My daughter and I spent eight days in Paris together. We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure in Paris.

(1) How to get around Paris?

The best way to get around Paris is to take metro. Unless you plan to use the Metro several times daily, it is not necessary to buy the day pass. The best way is to purchase books of 10 tickets, which come at a discount and can be used anytime and by anyone.

(2) Where to stay in Paris?

Location is very important for the first time visitors. You want to stay somewhere convenient that you will not have to spend a lot of time wondering where to go. The Airbnb apartment we stayed at is in the heart of Paris, many attractions are within a walking distance. I went to the grocery store in the neighborhood almost everyday to get some delicious snacks and my favorite French grapes.

(3) What to do in Paris?

There are so many things and places to see in Paris. My daughter and I all found our special favorite attractions there.

Arc de Triumphe was the taller triumphal until 1938. The top viewing is very stunning.

Arc de Triumphe

Notre-Dame, the symbol of France and Christianity, is one of my favorite. I felt heartbroken to watch the fire on TV half year later. I have the faith that Norte-Dame will be rebuilt and I will visit this grand church again.

Notre Dame
Notre Dame

Palace of Versailles: the Gallery of Great Battles created by Louis-Philippe is the most important of historic gallery.

Palace of Versailles: the Gallery of Great Battles

Louvre, the world largest art museum in Paris, is a must go place.

Louvre Museum

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore (opposite Norte Dome) means a lot to my daughter. The bookstore has so many history and character with packs of books. My daughter stayed hours there! She also went to the cafe to write and experienced the moveable feast as there for Ernest Hemingway described.



4 thoughts on “Paris -Eight Days -1

  1. Notre Dame is such a stunning example of Gothic architecture. Such a tragedy that it fell victim to an accidental fire! By the way, did you get a chance to tour the rooftop where the famous gargoyle statues are located? I think there’s an extra cost for that, but it’s something I wish I had done on my previous visits.

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  2. Ray, unfortunately, I didn’t go to the rooftop of the Notre Dame, but glad that I spent sometime inside. It is such a treasure! I do hope to go back visiting Notre Dame someday, although rebuilding work maybe very difficult due to the architecture’s age.


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