Chinese Calligraphies

My father is an outstanding Chinese calligrapher. Like majority of the living older Chinese generation, he practiced Chinese calligraphy since he was a young child. It is very sad that he has lost many of his works. However, I decorated some of his calligraphies in 2019 when I went to back to China. My father and my mother were so happy to see his work presented in the traditional Chinese style of presentation.


Chinese tools as “Wen Fang Si Bao”, literally means the four treasures for study: Chinese brush, black ink, Xuanzhi (rice paper) and ink stone.

My father wrote his calligraphies on the rice paper, Xuanzhi, which is soft and fine textured. This originated from ancient China for both Chinese calligraphies and paintings.

The ink stone was a gift to my grandfather (my mother side) from his good friend. His friend went to Taiwan before the Chinese Communist Party took over the country. And of course, my mother side family never saw him again due to his death in Taiwan before China was open to the western world.

When my father was young, he also wrote some handbooks. His hand writing was so beautiful.

Besides calligraphies, my father was also good at making stone seals. He used a little sharp knife to cut the stone. He made our name signatures of stone stamp. And most treasure to me, he made my picture with a stone seal. Thank you, Father!

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